As the Play by Play festival grows, so too does our team need to look for new members to help us maintain and run the event! For the 2018 festival, we’re looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our volunteer team in the following roles. If anything catches your eye, shoot an email to with the role title in the subject name, any prior experience and little bit about why you’d be good. The deadline for applications is July 20th.

Fundraising Manager:

The Fundraising Manager will be responsible for sourcing funding, grants and sponsorship for Play by Play 2018. This is a critical and long-running role, and would suit someone with previous PR or communications experience. This role will be working closely with the directors for the duration. Due to the nature of working with the local government, the Fundraising Manager must be local to Wellington.

The Fundraising Manager would be taking ownership of the following responsibilities:

► Updating and reviewing existing sponsorship prospectuses
► Contacting new and existing contacts regarding festival sponsorship
► Assisting the directors with grant applications & meeting deadlines thereof
► Sourcing potential new sources of revenue
► Maintaining a good, open communication channel with sponsors and exploring potential opportunities

Required from: July 2017 to April 2018

Workshop Coordinator:

The workshop coordinator will be responsible for organising the game development and programming workshops during the Play by Play Festival week. These workshops are separated into two categories – children/teens (7 to 18 years old) and all ages/professionals.

The workshop coordinator would be taking ownership of the following responsibilities:

► Sourcing appropriate workshops (and/or teachers for workshops)
► Creating the workshop schedule for the week
► Communication between workshop teachers and attendees
► Managing sign-ups and workshop numbers
► Coordinating with the Fundraising Coordinator and the Social Media Manager regarding potential overlap (sponsors interested in running workshops) and promotion (adding workshop plugs to our social media schedule)

Required from: November 2017 to April 2018

Judging Coordinator:

The Judging Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing and executing the Play by Play 2018 Awards judging process. This role encompasses many stages, from the call for nominations until the finalists are decided.

The Judging Coordinator would be taking ownership of the following responsibilities:

► Tuning the entry forms and judging materials
► Sourcing judges for the judging panel
► Maintaining a good, open communication channel with judges during the judging process
► Managing the judging process so that critical deadlines are met by the panel
► Aggregating judge information for promotional/credit reasons

Required from: November 2017 to March 2018

Volunteer Manager:

The Volunteer Manager will be responsible for managing the volunteer contingent for Play by Play 2018. Volunteers are crucial to the operation of the festival, and we require an overseer to make sure they’re being looked after.

The Volunteer Manager would be taking ownership of the following responsibilities:

► Advertising and filling volunteer roles needed by the festival
► Maintaining a good, open communication channel with the volunteers, as well as addressing any of their needs or concerns
► Scheduling the volunteers for roles during the week in tandem with the directors
► Providing necessary onboarding or training for the volunteers as to how to perform their duties (i.e. correct way to showcase equipment/games, venue knowledge etc.)

Required from: January 2018 to April 2018

Social Media Manager:

The Social Media Manager will be responsible for the outwards facing profile of the festival, both in the lead up to and during the event in 2018. Our priority is light-hearted, fun engagement with festival goers and potential attendees, and we’re open to any ideas or social media projects the SMM may want to undertake.

The Social Media Manager would be taking ownership of the following responsibilities:

► Maintaining a visible and active presence on Twitter, Facebook and soon, Instagram – during the festival and in the lead-up to
► Updating the website (WordPress frame) with provided up-to-date information
► Coordinating with the directors & Media Designer if assets are needed (unless applicant has graphic design ability – PS, Illustrator – which would be fab)
► Coming up with creative ways to engage with Play by Play’s audience, which we will assist in facilitating

In short you must be cool as are!)

Required from: October 2017 to April 2018

Media Designer:

The Media Designer will be responsible for assisting one of the directors with producing graphical assets, videos and graphic content for the 2018 festival. A branding guide for 2018 will be provided, and the applicant must have experience using Photoshop, Illustrator and ideally Premiere/After Effects. A link to a portfolio of graphic design work would be ideal in your application.

The Media Designer would be taking co-ownership of the following responsibilities:

► Helping create graphic assets for social media & promotional material
► Making sure all assets look coherent against the festival’s branding
► Assisting with mixing fairly simple videos together (e.g. Awards Night material etc.)
► Potentially some small illustrative work

Required from: October 2017 to April 2018

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