Heide Lukosch is an associate Professor at the HIT Lab NZ, University of Canterbury, Christchurch. She explores the design and use of applied immersive games, games that have a specific purpose such as training and learning, and use immersive technologies such as virtual or augmented reality. Heide applies games to domains such as education, safety and security, and disaster management, to support individuals and organizations with game-based solutions on the interplay with the games industry.

Heide’s Talk:

Applied Immersive Games are Bigger than you think!

Applied Immersive Games (AIG) immerse players in realistic, playful experiences to support learning, training, or decision-making processes in an engaging way. They’re also a fountain of untapped potential in the NZ gamedev industry! Join us as we explore international use cases for AIG, and the future of the AIG market in NZ.