Designing Games Starting at Level 1

Designing games at any level can be fun and chaotic. Now add being Broke Students, filled with a million responsibilities, and assignments, trying to survive this economy AND having time to design cool games outside of all that. Stay tuned to hear how we’re doing it!


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Chelsea, originally from Hamilton, now in her final year at Massey University in Wellington, studying Concept Design, has always been drawn to art and creation. When not drawing or building, she’s gaming. Her passion for TV, film, and games stems from their immersive and storytelling qualities, letting her inhabit beloved characters and fantasy worlds. Almost studying Architecture, she found Concept Design, blending her love for games and film with limitless creative freedom. As a queer artist she has always strived to create work that can be loved by everyone and showcases the diversity of our society. creating the kind of art and stories that as a young queer kid herself would have liked to see growing up. Even as an adult, she wants to be able to create stories and games that fill that gap of LGBT+ representation lacking in such media. And also just create cool shit.

Twitter: @skycows320