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Aotearoa’s most unique game conference is coming back back back again for 2022. Play by Play is a game development conference with a difference, combining all topics into a single stream with a connected thread to inspire and engage our attendees.

Talk submissions for Play by Play 2022 are officially open until 11:59pm Wednesday 15 December 2021.

We’re inviting speakers of all backgrounds to join us at Soundings Theatre at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa to share stories, knowledge and wisdom, so we can increase our INT, WIS and CHA. 😉 Speaking experience is not required — we’re more excited to hear about your real experiences, lessons and inspiration.

This year's theme is:

🧪 Unconventional Alchemy 🔮

An exploration of unexpected and multidisciplinary journeys, foraging for unfamiliar ingredients, taking inspiration from the natural world, unsuspected characters and the paths less travelled. We ask speakers to examine the alchemy in their own lives, share the surprising or unusual moments in their careers or deliver the secret recipes that made their work come to life.

Amber Taylor standing behind the podium, smiling, during her keynote presentation. Manu from Journeys of Manu is on the projector screen behind her.
Amber Taylor (ARA Journeys) delivers the opening keynote of Play by Play 2021.
Lisa Blakie (left) and Jess Woodward (right) seated in armchairs, surrounded by plants and laughing together during a Q&A session at Play by Play 2021.
Lisa Blakie (speaker, left) and Jess Woodward (MC, right) during a Q&A session at Play by Play 2021.

Other relevant information for you:

• Talk submissions close 11.59pm Wednesday 15th December 2021.

• Play by Play will take place on the 29th & 30th of April 2022, location TBA.

• Accepted speakers receive a free all access pass to the Play by Play Conference, the Treat ‘n’ Greet networking night and the Pavs game awards ceremony.

• In line with our core values, we highly encourage speaking applications from those with unique and/or underrepresented perspectives.

• For examples of previous talks and reference of the feel/tone/content of the Play by Play conference, visit the NZ Games Festival YouTube channel.

What about COVID-19?

We're still formalising our COVID-19 strategy. But here's what we can tell you right now...

• We’re working towards an in-person event, with contingencies in place to pivot to digital if required.

• To accommodate speakers who would not be able to attend an in-person event (for example, due to access issues or border restrictions), we will allocate a limited number of digital talks per day of the conference. This means you can apply as an in-person or digital speaker.

• Digital talks must pass the same selection process as physical talks, and these slots are not guaranteed (ie. if no digital talks pass the selection process, all talks will be in-person).

• We will require all speakers, digital and in-person, to submit a filmed version of their talk two weeks prior to Play by Play.

• This will allow us to run a digital event if need be, as well as provide a back-up if you become unable to attend the in-person event. This also gives us a two-week lead time to test videos for technical issues and arrange a digital show as back-up.

• Should an in-person event proceed, we will not be dialling speakers in live to avoid technical complications.

• We will provide updates as our policy develops and we learn more from the government and our stakeholders.

Josh Kamau stands with a microphone and an iPad to read questions from the audience.
Josh Kamau (MC) dictates questions from the audience at Play by Play 2021.

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