The Weird Ways We Play

Sites and games are usually designed one way… and used very differently. Twitter has “ratios”, Neopets has illegal pet-napping, and Second Life has… a milk-related pyramid scheme? Learn about the social ecosystems of virtual spaces, and how users bend, break & shape them!

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Zelle is a tech nerd, anarchist, and stuffed animal collector. In addition to her work with Tūhura Tech, a charity which offers Montessori-style technology workshops around the Wellington region, she sometimes teaches immersive storytelling, programming and web development to first- and second-year students at Massey University. She divides the rest of her time between frolicking in virtual spaces (making friends and causing problems) and real ones (befriending the local riroriro and the pīwakawaka). Ask her if you need help hacking your game consoles, refurbishing your Furby or figuring out which Pokémon are kosher.