Juan is a Developer of Data Analytics & Games. His mission is to empower people & communities, learn from peers, and make a change through software written with a purpose. His background in Games & Web Design have shaped his early career, where he has acquired knowledge in software production pipelines, along with Full Stack & Game development through multiple technologies. Juan has recently found love in Open (source) & inclusive communities such as DEV & Hashnode, where he also writes posts.


Juan’s Talk:

Show me your passions!

Whether games, VFX, audio, zines or baking, passions play an important role in your life. In fact, they say more about who you are than anything else!

In this talk, I will show you how and why I find, improve, and share my passions, with an approach you can use and get started with! Trust me: when you start doing this, the outcome will be bigger than you—or we—know.