Designing Games Starting at Level 1

Designing games at any level can be fun and chaotic. Now add being Broke Students, filled with a million responsibilities, and assignments, trying to survive this economy AND having time to design cool games outside of all that. Stay tuned to hear how we’re doing it!

Learn more about Patrick

Growing up traveling and spending his childhood playing games from all over, Patrick has always been passionate about play and shared game systems. He has studied design at multiple universities and is finishing a Concept design degree at Massey University. Growing up playing games from Age of Empires to Space Crusade a few main aspects about games that have always been important to him are; their ability to create imaginary worlds, to tell stories and how they facilitate positive social exchanges between players. Patrick has developed skills in many disciplines throughout his study but is always eager to learn something new or challenge someone to a friendly game. Growing up with siblings Patrick was constantly playing various games both collaboratively and competitively, pulling games apart to find creative ways to succeed. During his time at Uni he has also been grateful for the lasting friends he has made through games.