Why Devs Should Give Their Community Manager a Knife

Whether you’re a Dev, Studio head or Community manager, this talk will provide insight as to how Aggro Crab started their development process from the ground up with content and community marketing in mind using dev tools and collaborative chaos (like a knife or a gun)

What You’ve Wanted To Know About Marketing But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Encompassing everything from community management, branding, advertising, social media, events and more – how do we even begin to ask for marketing advice? We’ll run through anonymous questions as asked by devs round the world to answer your burning questions.


Learn more about Paige

Paige Wilson is the Head of Community for the commonly out-of-pocket studio based in Seattle, AGGRO CRAB. This studio is behind the indie soulslike Another Crab’s Treasure. Paige got her start in the industry as an animation and motion capture artist, but pivoted towards community marketing after about 2 years into her game dev career. This past experience helped her create content using dev tools and game editors to help the brand stand out. She prides herself in the aggressive and “unprofessional” marketing tone and believes in overlapping the community and dev pipeline for a more authentic community voice.

Twitter: @NeoSolarius