Lorien Gugich (aka LoriiPops) is 27 years old, and made her debut in the Twitch scene 5 years ago, after having played video games all of her life. She gained a Twitch Partnership in July 2015, growing a strong and welcoming community around her. Lorii has traveled the globe attending gaming conventions to network, meet her community and work with brands.
When Lorii’s interests branched out into game development, she was quickly picked up by A44 Games as their new Community Manager and Producer.

Lorien’s Talk:

The Power of Content Creators and their Communities

What is all the commotion about watching other people play video games? In what ways do these content creators benefit the gaming industry, and how can we harness their power? In her talk, Lorien will uncover these questions, and discover new ways that your Studio and Brand can profit via the influence of online communities.