A joy machine, maker and maximalist, Katie Stegs is the creative director at Lumi Interactive.
She makes game experiences that encourage playfulness for a variety of platforms. As the co-founder of Lumi Consulting she worked in marketing for seven years before tearing open her heart and wielding a wacom intuos pro pen, screaming, “JUST LET ME BE FREE!” Subsequently she opened Lumi Interactive in 2018 alongside her still shaking co-founders, Lauren Clinnick and Christina Chen, and became lead designer on the small studio’s games. She is the creator of Heartbeat, Saturnalia, Posi App, Faraway Tea, XXXhibition and other such fancies! She’s also, totally, a Sims tragic.

Katie’s Talk:

Designing Immersive Experiences Using Tiny Lives!

Did you know that The Sims 4 is secretly a powerhouse gamedev tool for designing, planning, practicing, and executing mega games?
Prepare to be hypnotised as Katie teaches you the benefits of Super Porp, plays The Sims 4, and walks you through how it was used to design immersive installation and sci-fi mega game Saturnalia! From replicating venues, modelling spaces, creating budgets, to staging dress rehearsals – you’ll discover how to use The Sims in ways you never knew were possible.