Josh Kamau is a performer, emcee, gamer, and Community Manager at PikPok. Josh is always there for his audience, whether it’s through his comedic television and theater acting, multimedia events hosting, or growing and nurturing communities of devoted video game fans. Josh combines all this with his love of GMing and roleplaying in this talk. Both Josh and Rick are specced for Charisma as their highest stat.

Josh’s Talk:

Beyond D&D: RPGs as Skills and Growth

More than being some of the most complex, rewarding, and social games available, tabletop roleplaying games have value outside of entertainment. From soft skills and math to group dynamics and even therapy, RPGs have human learning and bonding potential. Veteran GMs and games industry professionals Rick Stemm and Josh Kamau lead a discussion and Q&A on this fascinating expansion of these favorite activities.

This talk is co-hosted with Rick Stemm and includes a discussion and Q&A, so come with questions and ideas!