An avid coffee drinker, photographer, videographer, and licensed drone pilot, but most importantly a motivating, inspiring, and challenging content creator. Several years ago Humphrey started No Hands No Excuses, on YouTube, as a platform to motivate every day people to achieve their best, by showing them what a guy with fragile skin, and no hands, can get out there and do every day!

Over the years this has expanded, grown, and changed into many different avenues of creating art and content for people to enjoy, but also be inspired by. These days that includes being a Partnered Streamer on Twitch, playing video games 4 days a week, and showing the world that with a little kiwi ingenuity, a setup full of accessible adapted technology, and some awesome people in my corner that take a chance and work with him, Humphrey can give any game a go! His real goal is to create a space where people are not only entertained but hopefully also inspired and motivated to make the most of their lives as well! After all, if a guy with no hands can do it, anyone can have a go!