Gabriella Lowgren is a Communications Manager (Infinity + 2) by day and a passionate indie developer by night. When not cultivating healthy communities she can be found creating games that explore mental health issues in the hopes of fostering empathy in players.

She loves public speaking, and has previously spoken at GCAP, NZGDC, and GDC itself. She is an advocate for mental health and believes that video games can be used for good.

Gabriella’s Talk:

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (And People You’ll Change)

What we create can change and affect more people than we could ever imagine. When I made Shrinking Pains at a Global Game Jam, I didn’t think much of it. It was a little game with a hard theme, and while I appreciated it I didn’t expect others too. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Since releasing Shrinking Pains I have listened to people’s stories, learnt more about their journeys with eating disorders, and realised that the art and games we make can impact people in unforeseen and wonderful ways. I want to share some of these stories with you, and show how Shrinking Pains changed the direction of my own life.
(Content warning, this talk will contain mentions of eating disorders, risk taking behaviour, and mental health issues.)