Cameron Hopkinson is a composer and programmer from New Zealand. They co-founded Accessibility Unlocked, a group advocating for and supporting disabled and neurodiverse game developers from Australia and NZ. Accessibility Unlocked was listed as one of 2020’s Game Changers by Cameron is also part of the steering committee of the IGDA Mental Health Advocacy SIG. In their spare time, they are working on a diverse range of experimental games and music.

Cameron’s Talk:

Navigating Networking for Neurodiverse Folks

Networking is a crucial skill to develop in the games industry, but it’s a skill that some of us struggle with. Join Cameron Hopkinson as they take you on a quest to discover new ways for neurodiverse folks to network and some tips and tricks neurotypical folks can use to support their friends!

Content warning: This talk briefly references social anxiety, drink spiking, and assault, in the context of advice for neurodivergent people on how to keep themselves safe in unfamiliar social settings.