Andy is a patchwork marionette built by an eccentric Australian scientist in the 1980s as a way to efficiently deconstruct media. He escaped, and has since been spotted in Wellington, NZ, crafting video game criticism, short stories, tabletop content and lengthy Twitter threads about narrative structure. When not busy having opinions, Andy is a D&D dungeon master, film enthusiast, games writer and father of three boys. He once wrote an essay about chairs.

Andy’s Talk:

My Players Won’t Stop Romancing the Bartender: An NPC Design Primer

You never really know if a character has made an impression until one of your players tries to date them. Learn some tips and tricks for creating memorable, useful and smoochable NPCs in your tabletop or video games, and how to inject even the most generic shop owner with a little magic as you craft your adventures. It’s a complex, infinite world out there, and NPCs are one big reason to explore! Or to stay in town and flirt, while everything burns.