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Aotearoa's cosy games industry conference is making its way back into your world for 2021! After all the stress of 2020, we want to put together a weekend of united, wholesome content for our games communities. So, we're looking for some local speakers to share their knowledge and stories with us.

Talk submissions for Play by Play 2021 are officially open from now until 11.59pm Sunday 15th November 2020.

We are welcoming back many of our Kiwi speakers from last years roster, but are on the lookout for more local heroes to fill in the gaps.

This year, we invite you to share your experience points with us as we explore our theme: Bigger than we know. It doesn't matter what your background or involvement in games is – anyone from professionals to hobbyists is welcome to speak at Play by Play. We also provide a mentorship programme for new speakers.

This year's theme is:

Bigger than we know

We're interested in talks that deliver thought-provoking messages through humour, eccentricity and unique perspectives and that focus on what makes our games and tech scene in Aotearoa truly magical! We want speakers to examine and dissect their own personal meaning and interpretation of this theme in resonance to the perspective we have here in Aotearoa <3

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