We want to help you out!

Fair Play is Play by Play's own empowerment programme, helping under-represented and under-resourced people in our industry enjoy the same opportunities as others.

Aotearoa’s cosy games industry conference is making its way back into your world for 2024! After all the stress or 2020, we want to put together a weekend of united, wholesome content for our games communities. However, we also know that there are some barriers to entry that folks can face.

If we could make the conference free, we would! We’d love it if everyone could share their knowledge and be a part of the community without a price tag; unfortunately, the festival week and conference itself incurs many costs we must cover. We realise that this cost does exclude people from attending who might otherwise find it very useful, or discourage those who may be under-resourced or under-represented in our industry. That’s why we have a limited pool of free all-access tickets for these folks, so an opportunity to attend free-of-charge can be provided.

Fair Play, for everyone

Welcome to Fair Play, our empowerment program!

The conference will take place on the 4th and 5th July 2024 and first-time attendees are encouraged – students, hobbyists and professionals alike. We’re a unique conference that prides ourselves on talking about niche knowledge, and out-there ideas all while having fun while doing so; but this means we need diverse people attending and contributing. If you identify as a minority or even as someone on the outskirts of the games industry we would definitely love to hear from you!