Play by Play.

International games festival

17th-22nd April 2017

Wellington, New Zealand

So who's behind all this malarkey? Just a few of New Zealand's game developers that are keen to celebrate the industry and let everyone else know how much fun they're having.


Lucy Morris - co-director

Lucy is an independent developer and community builder heavily involved in the games industry both locally and internationally. Currently a director of the IGDA, chair of IGDA NZ and co-founder of Women in Games NZ, she has extensive experience in community growth and event management. Primarily a games designer and artist, she has worked for both "AAA" companies (Ubisoft) and many small indie entities such as her own, Group Pug.


Peter Curry - co-director

Peter is a programmer and designer at Dinosaur Polo Club, the studio behind the successful subway game Mini Metro. Inspired by the strong sense of community found among independent developers in Melbourne and throughout the US, he's keen to help grow the local industry. He started developing videogames professionally at Wellington studio Sidhe Interactive, and since then has been working on independent games.


Robert Curry - co-director

Robert is one of the developers at Dinosaur Polo Club where he is currently working on their first title, Mini Metro He has a range of industry experience, cutting his teeth at Wellington studio Sidhe Interactive before going indie, going bust, and going indie again. An avid gamer in his spare time, Robert has also organised several tabletop gaming conventions in the Wellington region.


Navi Brouwer - festival admin

Navi is a producer with the lovely folks at Dinosaur Polo Club. After seven years as a Primary School Teacher, Navi decided to make the career shift into games and joined PikPok as one of their QA Testers. She also has been the site coordinator for Global Game Jam Wellington for the last two years, and has done talks about running game jams all over New Zealand.


Michael Vermeulen - outreach & sponsorship

Michael is the Executive Coordinator for the NZGDA and a board member of IGDA New Zealand. As such he’s heavily involved in the community and works hard to grow the industry, while helping local games make it on the world stage. He’s also an indie game designer at Group Pug, has previously worked at Ubisoft and as a tertiary lecturer.

victoria headshot bw

Victoria Smith - special projects

Victoria is a 3D artist working at PikPok and an independent game developer in her spare time. She has been enthusiastically involved in game communities around the country for many years, and taught game development workshops to high school girls during the annual the Girls In Games program. Victoria has also given talks at the inaugural Play by Play Conference and the New Zealand Game Developers Conference.