Play by Play.

International games festival

17th-22nd April 2017

Wellington, New Zealand

Please check the criteria below to ensure your game is eligible before submitting it for consideration.



Any New Zealand or Australian video game either publicly released after 1st May 2015, or currently unreleased but expected to be publicly released before 1st May 2018, is eligible for entry into the Play by Play Awards.

Australian entries will be eligible for the 'Across the Ditch' award. New Zealand entries will be eligible for the other awards.

Entries submitted must be entirely your own work. Please do not submit games that use assets that you do not have the rights to publish.

Previous winners of Play by Play Awards are not eligible to submit a second time, even if date criteria is met.


A selection of games from the pool of finalists is shown at the Play by Play exhibition.


Who will be judging the awards?

An independent panel of industry professionals will be the jury for these awards - the jury will be announced over the next month. 

Can I enter more than once?

You are very welcome to submit more than one game, as long as it meets the criteria.

My game isn't finished; can I still submit?

We require submissions to be in a playable state - that is, able to be played by the public standalone and be part of the exhibition. To this end, unless it is a complete demo, we require a finished submission.

Can I submit my iOS/Android/tabletop game?

Yes you can! We've expanded the selection to cover all forms of games this year.

Our team doesn't classify as 'indie'. Can we still submit our project?

Of course! People of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to submit to the Play by Play awards, regardless of 'indie' or 'AAA' status.

Someone on the jury worked on my game! Can I still submit it?

You certainly can! Let us know about the conflict of interest and we won't assign any of the jurors in question to play your game. Our jurors also opt out of any game they feel they're too close to provide an objective judgement on.